Power of E-wallets- Super Apps


eWallet rebrands as e& money, a financial super app set to transform the fintech space


The Emergence of E-Wallets

e& announced that eWallet is undergoing a major transformation into a new fintech company called e& money. As the fintech arm of e& life (one of the specialist business pillars of e&), e& money aims to revolutionize the customer experience through its innovative financial super app marketplace.

The announcement builds on the success that eWallet has achieved to date, providing both UAE citizens and residents with safe, flexible and contactless payment solutions to make their daily transactions in the most convenient manner. Furthermore, as the first wallet licensed by the Central Bank in the UAE, it enabled new growth opportunities for the telecom and financial services sectors. In light of the fast-evolving fintech industry, consumers and merchants are seeking an integrated financial marketplace or mobile-centric solution to simplify the way they carry out transactions. Through the rebrand, e& money is evolving to become a comprehensive super app that addresses a variety of financial needs of customers, giving them access to financial services such as merchant payments, money remittances, bill payments, lending, investments, network branded cards and insurance services.


Source: https://teletimesinternational.com/2022/digital-solutions-pilgrims/

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