Employee Incentive & Rewards Program.

Making Recognition More Rewarding

Employee Incentive & Rewards Program.

Making Recognition More Rewarding

Employee incentive and rewards programs are designed to attract, engage, and retain talent. Incentives themselves are rewards and benefits used to motivate positive behaviors in your workforce. Let us show you how you can launch an engaging and effective tool to retain your talent.

Why Incentivies & Reward?

It Stimulates Productivity

Employees who are recognised by their peers (or company leadership) are given company-wide visibility. Few things are more frustrating or disheartening for good employees than when their good work goes unnoticed. Getting noticed stimulates productivity to achieve more and more

It Creates a Fanatically Results Oriented Workforce

Incentives in the workplace help your employees feel that their contributions are valued. Inspiring your staff to make a personal commitment to your company’s core values will improve engagement, create employee loyalty, and make your organisation a great place to work for years to come. And your employees, by being more engaged, will provide better service to your customers, improving your bottom line and long-term growth

It Boosts Morale

A little recognition can go a long way in giving a morale boost to your workforce. By Instantly incentivising and rewarding this fosters an environment of appreciation and loyalty to an employee's efforts to help achieve the companies goals

We work with you to Launch a Program that Delivers.

Workforce Engagement

It's always fun to declare an incentive in a team meeting or get together. What better then having an engaged workforce that endeavours to succeed for the business as they feel rewarded and appreciated

Boost Performance

Performance in the workplace is driven by rewards and incentives. By harnessing this culture of "we win, you win" companies are able to infuse performance targets and goals with their respective workforce that in return passes on the success of their labour of love to their companies

Retain Talent

An effective program ensures talent retention. A rewarded and appreciated workforce doesn't need to look elsewhere if they feel they are rewarded instantly and recognised when meeting targets

Create Excitement

Day-to-day monotony can be counter-productive in the workplace. We believe by creating an environment of fun and excitement of success delivers a happy, productive workforce and working environment

Cultivate Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction by being rewarded and incentivised is a key factor that cultivates happiness in the jobs that we do. An effective program of rewards and incentives will enable to amplify the satisfaction in a workforce which all companies endeavour

Acquire New Talent to Join

Having an effective program enables companies to use this as a talent-acquiring tool. As such programs are limited in general as companies find it cumbersome to launch and manage. By showcasing your program you have the competitive edge in attracting talent and showcasing workforce appreciation

Our 4 Step Plan.

We Analyse

We analyse the current state of play, by digging, probing and understanding all aspects of your business - we call this "The Today" Phase

Step 1

We Strategise

We now have an understanding of "The Today" and have understood the needs, having this knowledge we curate a comprehensive loyalty strategy - we call this "The Future" Phase

Step 2

We Deliver

Having "The Future" Strategy in place we now take this into realisation, using the Loyesys Solution we implement and deliver all aspects. We call this the "Lets Do It" Phase

Step 3

We Manage & Monitor

Now having implemented the loyalty strategy, we manage, we monitor, reflect, analyse and audit the results for the success and learnings, We call this the "Lets Scrutinise" Phase

Step 4

Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. We think you build one with your employees first

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Program Types.

Bank & Financial Institutions Loyalty

A next-gen account holder retention tool can foster long-lasting trust, shield customers from the competition, and even amplify your digitalisation efforts. Allow us to demonstrate how to create a program that creates top of mind stickiness and relevance

Brand & General Customer Loyalty

By untangling the quagmire which brands face when devising a relevant loyalty customer proposition, we deliver a well-thought-out, rewarding program. With our turnkey solution let us launch a successful and effective program that delivers

Sales Performance Incentives

A significant factor in a sales incentive plan’s success is its simplicity. Like all people, salespeople like clear expectations that are easy to understand. Let us show you how to create a program that rewards and acknowledges success

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