The Engine that delivers Loyalty Program.

Our rule-enriched loyalty program engine provides freedom and flexibility to set up rules on the fly that are relevant, tactical and deliver results

The Engine that delivers Loyalty.

Our rule-enriched engine provides freedom and flexibility to set up rules on the fly that are relevant, tactical and deliver results

Our loyalty program engine is a smart, flexible, event-based powerhouse that drives our platform. Every part of it is designed with your business in mind, giving you the power to maintain a member base, improve retention and drive return visits.

Key Features.

Set Multiple Earn & Burn Rules

Have the freedom to set earn and burn rules that suit your program needs. We offer specific rule applicability that can be defined by purchase category, member tier, merchant-specific and much more. By providing you with a complex engine that delivers, we enable you to be tactical and targeted to achieve the best results

Joining Bonuses

We have developed many ways you can acquire new members to your program by providing you with an engine that can deliver on bonus earnings based on events or sign up earnings to entice registrations to your program

BIN Based Rules

With our Banking & Financial Provider partners in mind, we have devised a BIN identifying tool that can track and assign points based on rules to specific transactions linked to a specific type of account holder. Providing more freedom and flexibility to reward based on product type

Tactical & Accelerators

Work with merchants to offer tacticals that earn more points and define the rules in the engine. Furthermore, run effective engagement campaigns to encourage spends that lead to rewards using our comprehensive accelerator rules function

Earn Rules.

Earning rules define ways and conditions for members to earn points. Points can be awarded for a wide range of transaction and member activities, and the configuration can be set to control the point allotment, balance, and expiration. You can add point multipliers, eligibility criteria and even exclude certain products or members. Members can redeem points toward rewards, based on the condition (cost points) that you establish

Burn Rules.

Reward members with a defined amount of points for purchasing specified products. Rules can be related to the multiplication of earned points rule or can be defined as a general burn rule. With our extensive engine you have the power to determine specificalities on how you want your members to benefit from there earned points.

Program Types.

Bank & Financial Institutions Loyalty

A next-gen account holder retention tool can foster long-lasting trust, shield customers from the competition, and even amplify your digitalisation efforts. Allow us to demonstrate how to create a program that creates top of mind stickiness and relevance

Brand & General Customer Loyalty

By untangling the quagmire which brands face when devising a relevant loyalty customer proposition, we deliver a well-thought-out, rewarding program. With our turnkey solution let us launch a successful and effective program that delivers

Employee Rewards & Incentives

Employee incentive programs are designed to attract, engage, and retain talent. Incentives themselves are rewards and benefits used to motivate positive behaviors in your workforce. Let us show you how you can launch an engaging and effective tool to retain your talent

Sales Performance Incentives

A significant factor in a sales incentive plan’s success is its simplicity. Like all people, salespeople like clear expectations that are easy to understand. Let us show you how to create a program that rewards and acknowledges success

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