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Points Transfer

Transfer your points at your fingertips. Make the most of points earned by having the flexibility to move them from one wallet to another. Reward points earned and collected in the user’s wallet can be transferred to other reward programs that the business is partnered with and that the user is a member of. For example Airline frequent flyer memberships or Hotel loyalty clubs.

An advanced functionality allows for consolidated single payment for multiple carted items. The cart is at the heart of the platform’s flexibility.

Users can simply place purchase items into a shopping cart building their cart contents, view the selection and then click to book them as a single transaction.

Multi-cart Checkout
Language and Currency Management

The Loyesys platform can simply and conveniently manage multiple languages, multiple currencies and is both LTR and RTL template design compliant. Moreover, the language module uses native side-by-side translation to make the copy more relevant than simply depending on an auto-translation tool. The currency aspect allows the administrator to specify and set the rate of currency exchange for multiple currencies but all based on the core currency of the system set at the outset by the business requirements.​

This powerful aspect of the platform gives the administrator the ability to control all loyalty parameters and functions. From setting Earn & Burn ratios to adding accelerator rules for earn as required by the business.

Loyalty Engine

Loyesys Gamification is an innovative marketing tool equipped with fully customizable plugins for engaging and rewarding users. It enables your customers the opportunity to experience loyalty programs like never before.

Loyesys is connected to multiple GDSs, hotel content providers and payment service providers. Allow the administrator to define the configuration values and seamlessly connect to these suppliers.

Supplier Integrations and Fulfilment Service
Instant Cashback Rewards

Statement credit is effectively a cash back feature. This allows users, when making any purchase, to convert points into an equivalent cash value and have that offset against the cost of their purchase at check out.

Booking on the go is becoming one of the most important channels of conversion. Hence, having a Mobile Application is fundamental in any Digital Channel Strategy today. Loyesys provides an out-of-the-box Hybrid Mobile Application product perfectly complementing the web experience.​

Intuitive User Experience - Mobile First 
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Loyesys employs cookies to capture full and detailed behaviour data on users thus assisting in making business decisions that are more robust and intelligent. The data is all beautifully presented as clear infographics giving administrators an easy, visual reference of behaviour and statistics.

The Loyesys platform has strong customer service support features built in. A service representative is never far away and can be contacted in real-time through Live Chat, Email and Social Media. Issues are dealt with swiftly or immediately escalated to a higher level for resolution using Zendesk’s deep integrated CRM system.

24x7 Customer Support

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Product &
Content Management.

Easily manage and customize a dynamic and enriched repository of products!

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Fulfilment Services.

Product fulfilment whether it’s flight, hotel, car, ancillaries, merchandise, e-vouchers and Loyalty Points Conversion

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Shipping &
Delivery Management.

Our focus is on getting the products to your customers quickly and in good condition

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Tech for today’s users driven by business and not by techies

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Marketing and

With a team of curators and strategists we deliver holistic cross channel marketing and communication solutions

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Contact Centre

Customer service as much as you may think it is process driven it is actually driven by the customer

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Functional Luxury Clothing Brand

Your style is your Mood!

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Your Aqua E scape

Aquariums the source of life in a lifeless world

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Tour the World and Book Your Trip

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