We don't just source,we curate.

Contracting &
Product Sourcing.

In order to meet your customers’ most popular demands, we can source and onboard the most suitable hotel chains, travel partners or merchants, saving you the hassle of negotiating with multiple suppliers.

The best place to engage and interact personally with the largest and reputable suppliers. There are thousands of trade shows that happen every year, and we don’t waste our time sitting around our local area waiting for trade shows to come to us - We go to them to provide you with all the variety of suppliers for your clients.

We are not your ordinary partner.
We focus on fulfiling your demands


Defined Onboarding Process

Onboarding process is categorized in 3 phases which are:

✓ Onboarding
✓ Pre-Launch/Launch
✓ Direct Integration


Evaluation and Shortlisting of Potential Suppliers

The product and sourcing team evaluates and do a background check on all the potential suppliers to ensure that they comply with our standards


Supplier Selection and Negotiation Terms

The supplier selection process entails multiple rounds of negotiation with suitable short-listed suppliers. The selected suppliers are evaluated based on the defined criteria


Implementation and Integration

We ensure that all of the onboarded supplier content is added in order to provide the maximum variety for the customer

Our approach


We analyse

We analyse the current state of play, by digging, probing and understanding all aspects of your business - we call this "The Today" Phase.


We strategise

We now have an understanding of "The Today" and have understood the needs, having this knowledge we curate a comprehensive strategy - we call this "The Future" Phase


We deliver

Having "The Future" Strategy in place we now take this into realisation, using the TCIG plethora of services to implement and deliver all aspects. We call this the "Lets Do It" Phase.


We monitor

Now having implemented the strategy, we monitor, reflect, analyse and audit the results for the success and learnings, We call this the "Lets Scrutinise" Phase.

Let's source.

Our services, products & brands

Product &
Content Management.

Easily manage and customize a dynamic and enriched repository of products!

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Fulfilment Services.

Product fulfilment whether it’s flight, hotel, car, ancillaries, merchandise, e-vouchers and Loyalty Points Conversion

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Shipping &
Delivery Management.

Our focus is on getting the products to your customers quickly and in good condition

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Tech for today’s users driven by business and not by techies

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Marketing and

With a team of curators and strategists we deliver holistic cross channel marketing and communication solutions

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Contact Centre

Customer service as much as you may think it is process driven it is actually driven by the customer

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Functional Luxury Clothing Brand

Your style is your Mood!

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Your Aqua E scape

Aquariums the source of life in a lifeless world

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Online Travel
Booking Platform

Tour the World and Book Your Trip

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